What services does InOut Design offer?

Optimizing the available space


Creating a concept


Analyzing and choosing the general theme, style and color patterns


3D Projection


Choosing the materials


Choosing the furniture and the decorations


Conceiving and projecting personalised furniture


Organizing the working site and project management


Consultance in executing and supervising the project


Step 1 - Meeting

A meeting will be setup based on a phonecall to +40 723 999 237 , after which an initial discussion will take place. You will be in introduced to our way of work, project examples and we will view the available space togheter. We will provide you with an estimate for the projects completion based on the volume of work. A budget will be fixed based on your financial availability so that we can set realistic expectations for the upcoming furniture objects, furbishing and the materials which will be used to completed your project.

Step 2 - Measurements

We will take precise measurements in order to create real scale plans based on your available space.

Step 3 - Concept & Projection

We will create a unique concept dedicated to your space, resulting in a originial interior design which will fit from a financial point of view into your proposed budget. The presentation of the first 3D project version will use realistic images which will allow you to clearly envision the upcoming project. We will discuss togheter the project so that you can have a better understanding of interior design principles proposed by our studio based on the projects theme. Everything will be covered, from electrical plans, floor options, ultrarealistic simulations and exemplifications of color patterns, textures and materials.

Step 4 - Completion & Project Management

Toate informaţiile de mai sus vi le-am prezentat ca şi cumul al cunoştinţelor noastre datorate atât experienţei profesionale cât şi specializărilor în domeniu. The fixed project. We will present the final solution for the design, the financial offer for the products, technical schematics, instalation plans etc. The moment we finish the projection phase we will start implementing what we have proposed. Practically your project will come to life. We collaborate with a wide array of suppliers and individuals capable of delivering all the required services: professional furbishing, standard or customised furniture and decorative accesories. The project will be handed over to the client with a full documentation included. You can choose to implement it by yourself or our collaboration may continue based on the turnkey development service. We will be present in each moment and we will supervise the building process from start to finish.